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Dr. Gregory Matthew Xanatos (Deviant Enginez)
Highway 5
ARPers: Sabi (Amiel) Velo (Simon, Daniel) Winter (The Roses)

The car ride was long, apparently. I couldn't tell, except from the way I was feeling rather refreshed after my nap after the gargoyle girl kindly shut up, as did the kid. I was feeling physically better, but as I went inside, there were several things that bugged me.

One, how in the hell did Dr. Kostovski find out about my creative abilities? I met with her what, once every two months? And she's only been the dean for a year. We had a conversation a whole six times, and she came up not only with the fact that I was an Engine Deviant, but also managed to concoct a viable plan to destroy me. If I hadn't been absolutely paranoid, always concocting plans to get out of a situation I could be trapped in, I would have been dead. It's a pity this didn't happen in my city: I not only knew the layout there, but I had all sorts of dangerous goodies in various hidey-holes that I could have used.

Still, I was feeling quite vindicated: an Engine dirty little secret is that while we plan, we tend to have to improvise more than anything else. The fact that I pulled off this off without a hitch when I was sleep depped and only had a few minutes to come up with the plan based on the layout of the place only added to the vindication.

So why was I feeling so horrid?

I walked into a dangerous situation barely prepared. I walked, with my back to the situation, and still came out on top. I managed to keep five men from arresting me or worse by shooting a single bullet.

And I killed three of them.

For crying out loud, I'm a doctor! I heal people, not hurt them! I'm not supposed to kill; as a matter of fact, Hippocrates makes it really clear that healers aren't supposed to be killers. Not to mention every law under the sun forbidding the act of killing another human being, including the human conscience.

No wonder I was feeling crappy.

I was going to continue wallowing in self pity when the Deviant the gargoyle girl called Devon answered the door. Three familiar people were standing there, trying to be cheerful. I got up, looked each of the three in the eye, and realized through my strange talent that they were the trio I found in Nexen. I also noticed a kid behind them somewhere. He was kinda familiar, kinda... it was weird. I don't know how to explain it. I didn't manage to quite make eye contact with him, though.

"This IS the junkyard you're looking for." I said, waving my right hand in front of their faces while impersonating the voice of an old man. I made the same wave to Devon's face and said in the same voice,"Let them pass." I turned my attention to them.

"So, Shiri, Kari, Silverstreak. May I have the names you go by in this world? You can call me Doc."

In retrospect, that might NOT have been my smartest move.

Aheolus (or however you spell it), Nexen
ARPers: No, Dos, that level of egotism is NOT allowed.

V was all business, apparently trying to find someone. Not someone she knew though, based on the way she was asking a tattoo (not a Tattu) she just about information about Graphix Sonas. He started off the way Doc usually did when he was on the brink of being able to explain something that interested him: gentle questioning designed to see if he really was allowed to go off on a spiel. The Sona trio was laughing about the way Kari giggled when Silverstreak moved on or off her face. I decided to add my own two cents:

"Well, I'm not exactly the single most intimidating Sona in the world either. I was actually deliberately designed like a cute video game character liked since he was my age. Except he ate everything. Anyway, V, I wish I could help you, but I really can't. To give you an idea, I look like this because this is the most complicated thing my Deviant can draw without it coming out like a misshapen mutant. And before you ask, he's an Engine. NOT a pushover one, either. But point of order, we need a cool name for the resistance team. Oh I know, you can't get any cooler than this: the Dos FAN CLUB!"

OOC: Michael is back in the interrogation room after being knocked out by Teri's blow. And I STILL can't think of a good entry for Leeroy!
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