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Default Re: The Perfect Pokemon

A very interesting question.

Let me see... well, I would have either an Arcanine or a Psychic-type of sorts like perhaps a Gardevoir. The Arcanine, I'd want as a pet, really. To keep me cheered up and stuff. I know I can get that in real life with dogs, but it could also provide an energy source for powering my house with flames if I felt really old-fashioned. (Maybe a Manectric?) Also, I presume Pokémon live longer than real life animals, which means I'd have a companion for perhaps life. I think that would be truly awesome.

Now, a Gardevoir is the emotion Pokémon. I presume they have abilities related to emotional stuff, and perhaps I'd use those abilities to clear my head sometimes from stress and various other sadnesses. Just to try to relax. I think too much. With Hypnosis, I could easily be put to sleep when I can't sleep sometimes too. Also, it knows Teleport. And I have a lot of friends who live far far away from me. I think this would be the most useful thing. And I wouldn't have to worry about being late anywhere! I get ready the last minute, and pop, there I am! Would not need a car.
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