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Default Re: New English Names Confirmed for BW2

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
I am waiting for someone named Hilbert to come in here being offended :(
I am so totally (not) called Hilbert! Soooooo offended T_T


Anyfluff, Nate and Rosa? Definitely better than Hilda and Hilbert.

One day, in the Pokemon development room, they had a meeting to decide the names of the protagonists in Black and White...

"Hey, have we gone for a name that starts with 'H' yet?"

"I don't think we have... YOU GENIUS!"

^^And that is how Black and White came to be...^^

xD I don't really care much for the Protagonist's name - I always end up calling it "Adam", "Sealboy" or, I'm rather tempted now, "God".

I also had no idea that the Dark Trinity would be renamed as the Shadow Trinity! :O (Sarcasm xD)


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