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Default Re: Meloetta Invasion: Riddle Contest

Originally Posted by Saraibre Ryu View Post
I like so many answers but I apparently made these too hard. XD

Okay so the answer I was lookin for was:

Answer: Song


This was a word letter riddle, where the answer was in the riddle and wasn’t obvious.
First thing in this Smeargle: First thing in Smeargle = S

A conversation between Ho-oh/interrupted them in the middle of their chat: Ho-oh has o’s in the middle of its name, not counting the hyphen = O

There the first character, a Noctowl: First character of Noctowl is = N

Both ends of his Girafarig friend: Both ends of Girafarig = G

New Riddle:

Meloetta was forming a singing party to celebrate this event
Before her stood five Pokémon, but she would only choose two of them
After looking at the group of Pokémon, she made her choice, though some questioned her
She then answered with; “I chose these Pokémon, because they do not make the sound of silence.”
Which two Pokémon did she pick from the below group?

Spiritomb and arbok
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