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Originally Posted by dj-tiny View Post
Trainer: dj-tiny
Currently: Route 1 waiting on every one else sit at a tree and get jumped on by eevee cause i left it alone then the eevee runs off again
Official's Post:

As you sit at the base of one of Route 1's trees, your starter Pokemon decides to run off, yet again, and you seem not to chase it.

Put that thing on a leash. Geez.

As the vulpine Pokemon runs away, it trips and stumbles upon something smooth and shiny. Lots of smooth shiny things, in fact. Your Eevee must still be quite wobbly on its feet. The small Pokemon goes to inspect, and then eagerly yelps for your name.

Eevee has stumbled upon 10 stars. Better walk over here and pick them up. Before something else does.
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