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Originally Posted by mintjelly View Post
Trainer: Minty
Party: Ralts
Currently: Entering Route 1

Minty enters Route 1, and her jaw drops. The beautiful and serene nature is none like she has ever seen. In the distance she spots three trainers; one with a Cyndaquil, one with an Eevee, and one with a Finneon.
The excited young Minty runs up to the group of trainers and exclaims, "Hey y'all! The name's Minty! I traveled here from Hoenn. This here's my Ralts. What are your guys' names?"
Official's Post:

You run over to the group. BUT WAIT. Does a wild Pokemon interrupt you and maul you, ending your journey prematurely? Perhaps you suffer the fate of the Eevee and the Johto trainer, and trip on an item, giving you severe concussion that'll put you in a coma for several days? Or maybe.

No. Wait. Just no. Nothing happens.

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