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Default Re: Route 1

Story time!

Meowth Troubles
"Sara, Leaf Tornado!" I said to her. The battle began. Meowth got back up and started scratching Sara. "Retaliate with Wrap!" Sara managed to escape and started to coil around the Meowth with strength, making it unable to move. "Leaf Tornado, again!" She started to blow more leaves at the entrapped Meowth. When it broke out, I yelled with strength. "Tackle!" Meowth was left with bruises all over it's body, even the coin was scratched. "Time for a Poke Ball..." When I grabbed the red and white sphere, I tossed it at Meowth in hopes of catching it. "Go, Poke Ball!" A red light grabbed the cat and inserted it into the Poke Ball. The ball wiggled...and wiggled...

"I like stories," Quinn finally said.

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