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Default Re: Meloetta Invasion: Riddle Contest

Hmm... This entire riddle is hard, if not for Meloetta's own hint: "Picked the ones who do not have the sound of silence".

Of course, the Pokemon she didn't pick have silent letters (or, more specifically, letters left out of their word pronunciation) in their names! Spiritomb is out, since you don't pronounce the B. Linoone is out, since, without the e, it'll still be pronounced the same.

That leaves Arbok, Larvesta, and Vanilluxe, with one of them having silent letters. My gut says Vanilluxe is the last odd one out, since I usually pronounce it va-NILL-uhx, sounding out like "uh", not the actual sound of "u". Therefore, the e is useless!

My answer: Larvesta and Arbok

(PS, so sorry if I seem a tad confusing. I'm not good at saying things right, xD)