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Daniel Redrock
Deviant Graphix
San Fransisco
ARPers: narphoenix (Doc), Sabi (Amiel), Winter_Cherry (Al, Shiba, and Argeno)

"Land!" without any other warning, Shiba was clambering out of the truck. Daniel flattened himself against the seat, clutching his drawings against his chest protectively. As soon as the coast was clear, he followed suit. His legs felt stiff and shaky, his head was throbbing, and his stomach was rather unsettled. No larger car had been jacked, Daniel realized dimly; he had paid no attention to the others between his doodling and fits of stray thought from Cyrus. The Lumanx was really intruding on Daniel's consciousness that day, for whatever reason. It was getting annoying, but Daniel also felt hopeful. Could they be getting their connection back?

A building was ahead, complete with a sign that said, "Charlie's Repair and Recycling". Argeno glanced at Al, asking if she was ready to suggest their way out if their information happened to be wrong. "Of course, Argeno," was Al's reply. "I’m always ready to protect you and Shiba—you’re all I have left, and I’m going to keep you with me if it’s the last thing I ever do."

Daniel hovered behind as the three walked toward the building, suddenly feeling incredibly lonely. What was he? Only a single Deviant who may as well not have even had a Sona! Sure, these three had helped him, but they weren't his friends. They had just done what any decent person would have.

Argeno addressed the man approaching them - some guy in stained overalls. He looked rather rough around the edges, not at all neat and immaculate like most WAE were. That seemed like a good sign, although it could have meant absolutely nothing. The other Grafix asked about getting a new vehicle, which they still desperately needed.

Suddenly, another stranger strode up. "This IS the junkyard you're looking for," he said, waving a hand. "Let them pass," he said to the junkyard owner. Daniel stared at him in confusion - who was this guy? He turned his attention to the other three, whom Daniel was careful to place between himself and the newcomer. "So, Shiri, Kari, Silverstreak. May I have the names you go by in this world? You can call me Doc."

Daniel stared, absolutely dumbstruck. This world? Were those the names of their Sonas? How the hell had he even -?

A presence seemed to hover nearby. Daniel turned to see a kid about his age standing nearby. His dark hair was a mess, as were his jeans, which seemed to have machine parts sticking out of the pockets. "You idiot," muttered the kid as he watched the strange man who called himself Doc. "We want these people to trust us, you ignorant ass."

Theresa Maverick
WAE Tuner
Ambiguous WAE Base
ARPers: narphoenix (Michael)

Michael seemed to have been knocked out by Teri's kick; he lay at one end of the room, unconscious. For a heartbeat Teri thought to be concerned, but she knew that the boy would recover. She had more important things to do - her Sona was contacting her.

Teri, I've found out some things, said the angel in her singsong voice. The super-weapon is there. They've formed a little group - seven Sonas strong. They're looking for someone in Ahaelos.

Teri nodded along. Excellent, her mental voice was rich with appreciation. Acursio will love this.

There was a pause. I thought I felt you panicking, before, Katherine said. Is something the matter?

Certainly not, snorted Teri. Everything is under control. Keep monitoring those Sonas. I want to know of the others' combat capabilities. When - certainly not if - we send troops at them, we'll need to know how to take down those others.

Katherine murmured agreement before breaking away, leaving Teri to her own thoughts. She scribbled down another little note and handed it to one of the guards in the hall, telling him to deliver it to Acursio before locking the door once more. She then turned toward Micheal, waiting for him to come to.

Simon Pruitt
Deviant Enginez
Highway 5, USA
ARPers: narphoenix (Doc), Sabi (Amiel), Winter_Cherry (Al, Shiba, and Argeno)

Simon wasn't particularly happy about being in the driver's seat. He didn't like cars much, not to mention the fact that he was already tired and cranky. Of course, Doc was sitting there napping, but Simon had to stay awake for the length of the ride, driving the clunky car...

He would liked to have conversed with The Engineer, but his Sona seemed unfortunately busy. So Simon had to bear down and deal.

Eventually they reached their destination: a smallish, squarish building with a sign in front that noted it as belonging to a man named Charlie. Simon stepped out quickly and began to disengage his moped from the trunk. The thing still wouldn't start - hopefully Simon could pick up some parts from this 'Charlie' person.

There were already several people outside - a mechanic-type, a couple of girls, and a couple of guys, one of whom hovered at the back of the group. Simon walked over slowly, listening to Doc running his mouth again. "You idiot," he snarled under his breath, ignoring the other boy's odd glance. "We want these people to trust us, you ignorant ass."

"Who are you?" asked the other kid quietly. "My name's Daniel."

"Simon," replied Simon, nodding. "Good to meet you, I suppose."

Cyrus Nelvenmig and Fury
'Lion-thing' and other lion-thing
Umecit, en route to Ahaelos
ARPers: That big old crowd.

Cyrus and Fury followed the group, their pawsteps light and swift as they moved from Umecit to the wild, rugged territory of Ahaelos. This was familiar terrain for both Sonas; Cyrus especially. After his escape, Cyrus had hung around Ahaelos quite a bit. He'd earned himself quite the reputation as the one who had seen the Edge.

The Edge of Nexen! The very thought sent a tingle up Cyrus's spine. Driven only by sheer willpower, alone and balanced on the knife's edge between despair and redemption, Cyrus had sought out the Edge. He had known not why; only that it felt like he must. If he had a chance of restoring his sanity, that was it. He remained convinced that the sight was all that had saved him.

“Could anyone tell me…how creative people such as Graphix get when creating something new like a creature…? Since we’re looking for one I’d want to be prepared.”

The dragon tattoo on one of the other Sonas' faces - Kari was her name - popped off of the face and into the air. "A creature?" it asked with mischief in its voice. The others began to giggle in high-pitched voices that made Fury's ears twitch.

Dos went off on his own spiel, suggesting that they name their group after him. Fury rolled her eyes and let out a small growl of annoyance.

"Are you okay?" he whispered to her. She shook her head as if to clear it. "You've been acting strangely ever since the fight."

"I'm just tired," she growled, turning her head away. "Leave me alone." Cyrus looked at her with concern glinting in his orange eyes before curving slightly away to give the lioness plenty of space. Turning to Veza, he did his best to answer her question about the Grafix.

"Well," he said, "look at me if you want an example. Grafix usually focus on good aesthetic, right? Something that looks good, probably new and colorful and different. There really are no limits whatsoever. As for the name of our little group, I don't think Dos's idea will work, no offense to you, Dos. Maybe... Ah, I have no idea. I'm not very good at coming up with names."

The Engineer
Neutral Griff-Sona
Inner Enfin
ARPers: narphoenix (Leroy) and Winter (Aerys and Thirteen)

The Engineer had managed to get the other two Sonas into the town hall, chatting with them privately for a short time to ascertain their intentions before letting them a room and excusing himself. He returned to his forge, but it wasn't long afterward that his attention was drawn again - apparently Leroy, an automaton, had been injured on patrol and he needed to be repaired in the field. The Engineer trekked toward the location, a bag full of metal for the repairs slung onto his muscular back.
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