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Default Re: Route 1

Trainer: Eti Molo
Currently: Waking up.

I got out of the tent I was camping in for the night and stretched all of my muscles. Everyone else appeared to be up already. Minako was there with their Growlithe, too.

"Hey!" I yelled at the group. "How come none of you woke me?" I didn't sleep very well last night. I hoped my Pokemon had a better rest; Poke Balls were known for being quite comfortable. I threw their balls onto the ground, where they emerged.

"How did you rest, guys?"

Monster looked at me oddly, as if it was an odd question. Of course she had a good night's rest. Etitymin, on the other hand, wasn't showing mutual emotions. It must have been hard for her to adjust from living in the wild to living in a confined space.

"You'll get used to it," I said, petting the rodent Pokemon on the head. They appeared to cheer up a little.

"Well, Route 2 is about a day away. Want to progress further, guys?"

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