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Official's Post (Open to all):


"Ugh. Great. Late, again." Jackson was in a foul mood today. First his boat to Celestia was late, then he got pooped on by a wild Hoothoot, and now his PokeGear wasn't working.

Could it get any worse? Apparently so.

He was traversing Route 1, towards your group, when all of a sudden he stops, frozen in fear. Between your group and the cool trainer rests a giant swarm of Beedrill. And they're headed straight for the Jackson.

The Jackson. That's not his official title, trainers. I just made a typo.

The Beedrill seem angry at something. Perhaps they hate his clothes? Or maybe it's something to do with the giant Weedle nest swinging from that tree over yonder. It looks like it is about to fall off, apparently disturbed by something with claws as it is hanging by a thread. The Beedrill are probably just trying to protect their young. Silly Beedrill. You'd think after years of living in a world with people they'd understand who's a threat and who's not, right?

Wrong. And they've all got Twineedles to prove it.

"Hey! Help!" Jackson yelled as he began to panic. He got onto his knees and looked to the floor, desperate for some kind of miracle.

Now, of course, you have two options here. You can help out or you can watch Jackson get possibly potentially probably butchered. Either way, I don't care. I'm just a narrator, after all.

The narrator gave a toothy grin.

The Beedrill and Weedle are unable to be captured.

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