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The Magic Girl

Name: Ayami Chiyoko - mainly goes by Mahou.
Age: 15.
Gender: Female.
Status: Tattu.
Appearance: Ayami doesn't exactly blend well in a crowd. She's tiny, with a skinny frame and a diminutive stature of exactly 5'. She's an odd mix of black and Japanese, coloring her skin darker than that of most people. Couple all of this with her rather eccentric clothing choices, and she sticks out like a sore thumb. She wears everything in colors, usually in rainbows, from the rainbow leotard she wears for dancing to her everyday outfits of rough T-shirts and paint-spattered jeans. Her face is angular, but with round cheeks and wide dark eyes. She tends to wear her short hair back in a choppy ponytail, usually streaked through with some sort of color highlights.
Personality: Ayami is rather a wild child. She does what she wants, when she wants to, and forget about anyone who tries to tell her differently. She can be violent in times, getting into fights with both her words and her fists. Because of her success in said fights, she can be arrogant and overconfident. She is hyper and unfocused, and hates to sit still or concentrate on any one thing for more than a short time. Whenever she isn't being grouchy or temperamental - which is often - she is spirited and joyful. Ayami is very hardworking, and will fight as hard as she must to see her ends accomplished. She is usually one to try and fight others' battles for them, no matter what. She doesn't like academics and while she is clever and witty, she is not particularly book-smart. She is very bold and tends to take charge and lead.
Background: Ayami was born and raised among a group of underground Deviants who actively - if subtly - resisted the WAE. Her father was arrested not long after she turned thirteen. Afterward, Ayami swore to do whatever she could to bring him back. She began to train under the tutelage of her mother, another Tattu, who taught her how to dance and leap and twirl - and hide, fight, and steal. Slowly Ayami began to develop her fierce fire, and her antics quickly earned her a reputation and a name - Mahou, which means 'Magic'. Despite her mother's urgings to be more cautions, Ayami began to walk the streets wearing full color, defiant and tired of the WAE. She caused trouble for them in any way she could. They could never seem to catch her, no matter how hard they tried. She was elusive, untrackable, uncatchable, untamable - so much so she seemed to be magical. Unfortunately, Ayami's mother was less lucky. She was arrested in the start of the resent Japanese uprisings, filling Ayami with a fury and fear that put fire in her little bones. She now fights harder than ever, all in the hopes of recovering her mother's freedom.
Skills: - General buttkicking. Ayami is incredibly quick and graceful, and surprisingly strong for her tiny size. She can turn her dancing skills to incredibly good use when the WAE are about.
- Drawing and painting. Her art is nowhere near Graphix level, but Ayami's decent. Usually her skills go toward her graffiti.
- Quick hands. Ayami is very dextrous, and is good at activities like as origami and pickpocketing.

The Fortuneteller

Name: Nadi.
Age: Ancient.
Gender: Female.
Species: Anthropomorphic crane.
Appearance: Nadi is very tall, much unlike her Deviant; she stands at roughly eight feet, including her very long neck. She stands erect, like a human, and wears a cloak around her shoulders that changes colors when she chooses. Nadi still possesses the wings of a crane and must use her feet or beak for gripping. Her feathers are a pure, brilliant white, except for three inky black spots on her chest. Her long beak is a reddish orange, and she has a black crest on the back of her head. Different colors spread and mingle within her eyes.
Personality: Nadi and Ayami are different in many ways. Where Ayami is wild, impetuous, defiant, and sometimes violent, Nadi is civil, calm, laid-back, and peaceful. She always knows how to calm a fight down, and thanks to her rather subdued personality she doesn't get into very many arguments herself. She is very kind and loving, and will often give up much of something she has so that someone else can have enough. None of this is to say, however, that the WAE do not hold a special place in her big heart - a terrible place where no one wants to be. In a fight, Nadi is cold, ruthless, and often lethal. She is usually untroubled by killing, as she has long made peace with the fact that some must die if all are to be saved.
Information: Nadi was made when Ayami was small, and her mother told her a story about a girl who folded a thousand paper cranes to make her wish come true. Nadi couldn't grant Ayami's wishes, but she could give the little Deviant a special companion. The two are incredibly close despite their differences in personality. Nadi currently resides in Ahaelos, granting wishes, telling fortunes, and being on the whole mysterious.
Abilities: - Fortunetelling. This is Nadi's main claim to fame. She excels at peering 'past the tattered curtain, through the smoke and mirrors, and straight into the shifting, tumultuous center of what was, is, and can be.' She is an excellent oracle.
- Memory. Nadi's memory is impeccably good. She can memorize most anything, which comes in handy after her seeing sessions.
- Summoning fire. Nadi can summon flames, which mysteriously turn silver in the night. She can't make a whole lot of fire, but it can be enough to dazzle or burn an unsuspecting foe.
- Granting wishes. This is a strange form of magic that Nadi has very little control over. Should someone give her the gift of a paper crane, she can burn it and the giver's wish may come true. It doesn't always work, and the wishes can't be anything gigantic - if someone wishes for every WAE to drop dead, it isn't going to happen. She can't do this for herself.
Other: In the words of narphoenix, cranes are kickass.
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