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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

*Heard what Max Said when waking up from the Dream* Uhh, yhea. You're not a Murderer. Right. Like you weren't going to be when you go DD, and all that. Celulean. Wrecked. People. killed. Or at least injured. That whole 'commit suicide now' thing I keep throwing at you? That's kind of the bloody reason, you will murder as DD, and we can advert it all! Still, though, I can guess whatever dream you had was bloody hell. What was it all about?

*Sees the events take place, doesn't go into the building* Nothing personal, but I'd rather not be on the wrong end of an ambush, but I'll stay closeby and help if you need anything!

Try checking the ground or the ceiling. You're only looking at the walls.

*Heard what Scar said*...Scar, where have you seen this before?!
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