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Default Re: No notification alerts on many skins

We've had this discussion several different times with several different members. It is VERY hard to make and edit skins so that they all function the same way. And besides, the person who makes skins is not really active anymore. Plus, the admin, the one who actually adds the skins to the forum is not active either. Please take these things into account. It also helps to look a previous threads and posts before asking for stuff like this. I'm not trying to be mean but we get these kind of questions and threads a lot.

It's also easier to just go to your User CP and view your notifications from there. Yes, it is possible to see any and all notifications while viewing your User CP. If you have notifications that is. :P

And to top it all off, the majority of these skins were made way before the New Notifications thing was added.

I also seem to remember having a very similar conversation with you specifically in this and I basically told you the same thing there too.
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