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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Scar smiles, pulling out the pokepills from his bag.
"here you go. Also thanks for letting me go for the doduo. I missed my chance on cycle road because..because I over slept!"

Scar takes out a pokeball sending Psyduck out. The confused duck looked up to him

Scar bends down
"I need you to give a water gun when I tell you to. But you have to be in the right spot."

Scar picks up Psyduck , giving Spin a smile.
"Watch this."

A moment later Scar jumps out of the bushes scaring the Bird Pokemon and it jumps up trying to run. Scar runs at it screaming forcing it to run in the direction he wanted.
"Now Water gun."
Psyduck sends out a stream of bubbles but not at the bird right into the ground. As the approached it found that the ground was covered in mud. Psyduck kept shotting until the ground was all muddy. The Doduo ran right in getting stuck and falling over.

"now that it cant move scratch attack !"
The Psyduck jumped in taking advantage of the confused bird.
Scar pulled out the pokeball and tossed it. Once it stopped shaking he picked it up smiling back and Spin.


Max looks over
"oh you know, time is broken and the other half of me is evil and destroying the world in his time line, and Markus thinks im going to become the same evil person..and is preparing to try to kill me. Oh and my powers are getting stronger as we go on..To the point where Im afraid I cant control them."

Max lets out a Yawn. Red Team reaches the edge of Area Two. "Lets set up camp here."

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