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Default Re: Route 2

Trainer: Eti Molo
Currently: Captured Makuhita.

"Awesome," I said when the ball finally clicked shut. "I think I'll call this one Salsa." I stowed the Makuhita's Poke Ball onto my belt, congratulated Monster for the good battle and recalled all of my Pokemon back to their Poke Balls. Minty had apparently gotten to the area and had found me.

"Eti! Long time no see! You got here before me; you're pretty quick. Oh my, a Makuhita! Those are from Hoenn. When they evolve into Hariyama, they're very strong. Good for you!" she said to me happily.

"Thank you! I'm very happy to have captured it! How are you finding your journey so far?"

The area was starting to feel bitterly cold now. It was probably time to start to set up camp.
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