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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [SU/DS]

Originally Posted by Kamikaze View Post
Name: Kamikaze
Character: Aldur An'rayi
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Class: Rogue
Appearance: Aldur has emerald green eyes, brown shoulder-long hair that is usually tied in a ponytail, and stands just above 6'0" tall. He is in good physical condition, and though of a slender build, he is by no means weak. Most often seen in a black leather outfit, which is his work attire. On his back is a bow and a quiver, and on his right hip a sheathed, slightly curved blade(A katana more or less). Tucked away is also a number of knives and other assorted tools of his trade. While not at a job, he usually wears rather fine clothes that is either a dark forest green, or a deep blue color. Obviously not armed to the teeth while socializing with others, he only wears his blade and a few of the knives. Regardless of the outfit, he is always wearing a silver pendant, shaped like the face of a wolf, with deep blue sapphires as eyes.
Personality: Aldur is fairly intelligent, extremely organized, and very professional. he prefers the forest, and nature in general, over cities and society, not because he feels out of place, or lack the social skills to interact with others, but because nature is much more pure, and he finds the serene aura that lingers in a forest untouched by man to be very calming.
Though an assassin, he is not one who enjoys the taking of lives. He is not a common blade for hire, but rather strives for peace. If the death of a few people will prevent a larger conflict, then that is the price that must be paid for the greater good. Such philosophy would be considered immoral by most, but just as he doesn't kill just anyone, neither is he out to convert others to his ways.
Aldur comes from a family of assassins. Both his parents were very skilled at what they did, and taught him much before they passed away from a disease when Aldur was at the age of 20. He learned his swordsmanship from his father, and his mother passed on her skills as a marksman. When they died, he inherited his father's katana along with his mother's bow, as well as the silver pendant that he now carries with him at all times.
When his parents still lived, Aldur had operated mainly around Easthaven, as that was the closest city to their secluded home. After they passed however, he decided that it was time to see the world, and so he did. Wherever he went he made himself known, both in the secretive underground as a master assassin, as well as becoming quite infamous at times among the city guards for his exploits. He has never been caught though, usually not even seen by his targets unless that is his wish. This uncanny ability to stay hidden combined with his ability to get into just about any place and the skill within his field of work has given him the status of a ghost. While a great many in the underground respects him, more than a few do so out of fear alone.
This fearful reputation aside, not many knows him on sight, which has allowed him to move freely in just about any environment in any city.
Strength: 11
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 13
Charisma: 13
Languages: Common
Alertness: +2 bonus on all Listen and Spot checks.
Deft Hands: +2 bonus on all Sleight of Hand and Use Rope checks.
Investigator: +2 bonus on all Gather Information and Search checks.
Nimble Fingers: +2 bonus on all Disable Device and Open Lock checks.
Persuasive: +2 bonus on all Bluff and Intimidate checks.
Spells: N/A
1 x Katana (Curved 3 feet long blade, 4 feet long including the handle. Adding this just in case weapon reach becomes relevant.)
1 x Longbow
1 x Quiver
13 x Arrow
6 x Dagger, four worn(left arm, left hip, left/right boot), two in the bag. See below for details.
4 x Throwing knives, two worn, two in the bag. See below for details.

Matching set of Leather Armor(No headgear, but other than that, boots, gloves, and everything between.), specific details regarding placement of knives below. (Not all of the below slots are filled at all times, this is merely to illustrate where he could have them should he decide to go all out when arming himself.)
- Left lower arm, dagger.
- Right lower arm, dagger. [Currently not used.]
- Boots, outer side, daggers. I.e. Left side on the left boot, right side on the right boot.
- Left hip, dagger.
- Back, diagonally placed upside down. (From left shoulder towards right hip.) Handle below right armpit. [Currently not used.]
- Lower back, diagonally sheathed at the belt. Throwing knives, not intended for melee combat. (Sharp pointed ends, dull edges to avoid unintentional loss of fingers while throwing. =P)
1 x Satchel, worn on the left side.
1 x Rope, 7 meters/~23 feet. (Yes, perfectly plausible, i checked. =P)
1 x Grappling Hook
Food rations for about three days.
1 x Waterskin
1 x Silver Pendant in the shape of a wolf's head with sapphire eyes.
1 x Whetstone, for sharpening his blades.
1 x Quill and ink bottle
3 x Roll of parchment
1 x Flint and Steel
2 x Small glass flask filled with a powder that put someone to sleep if inhaled or ingested. One flask is enough for an average sized human. If the target is larger or more resistant, sleep is replaced with mere drowsiness or no effect at all.
1 x Coin pouch
3 x Small pouch, two currently empty, one for the sleep powder.
Money: 2 Gold, 42 Silver, 21 Copper
Companion: N/A
Other: Before commenting on the assortment of weapons, I'd just like to point out a few things. First of all, while it may seem like a lot if fully equipped, one have to remember that no matter how many blades he carries, he can only use two at once. Either two daggers or dagger/katana combo. (It is theoretically, though not comfortably possible to hold a dagger with the point down in the same hand as you use to draw and nock arrows, thus using a blade while still having the bow in hand and have it usable. This isn't very practical, and the risk of cutting the bowstring is quite high.)
I might have gone a little overkill on describing the gear, but better mention these things now, instead of being accused of making things up to my advantage as we get deeper into the RP.
I also realized something just now, I've got a lot of good feats for getting around and avoiding conflicts, but nothing that really helps once engaged in combat. Let's hope the dice agree with me when the time comes for battle.
At first I thought you'd have too much in Inventory, but then I realized a good portion of that was the placement of the items. Just thought I'd share that. Accepted. This character is ready to join the others in the character directory.

As for the dice rolls, I'm doing them how the game I was a part of was done with a few edits. I'm still working out the details, realizing how different it would be doing this style of role play via text, so there are some things that still need to be worked out. Also I am currently in the process of trying to lower the amount of rolls needed so everyone won't need to depend on me for the continuation of the story. That may not be so much of an issue when the characters start traveling together and there would be more interaction between them, but for when the group is separated I'm trying to eliminate some of the rolls suggested on the site Jaye provided for me. Also I won't be doing modifiers since, for me at least at the moment, it's hard to remember to factor in. Maybe later on when things are running smoothly and I have a set system for the rolls I'll figure everything out with stat modifiers. So until then I'm just going to keep it simple for all of us. I do have something in mind for task rolls, and it's something that's going to be kept simple. We'll jump over that hurtle when we get there.
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