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Default Re: Wi-Fi League Registrations! Sign up here!

the weather...clear.
the night...young.
the night is so young.
the night is so young that is it in pre-conception stages.
the night hasn't even been born.
the night's parents haven't even met up for dinner yet.
in is a beautiful, sunny afternoon.

it is the perfect day to be TOTALLY RADICAL.

a flash of delicious orange creamsicle color streaks through the calm district of Andromeda.

before the town has realized it, a breakthrough in modern day hipness has breached the hull of its most fiery hotspot: Professor Cedar's Pokemon Laboratory

DID YOU MISS ME........................GUYS.................... ......................................

the outrageously fashionable gentleman makes his way through the crowd abuzz with excitement to greet the figurehead of this outright stellar pad.

> Hello, are you a new trainer?

the FEMME FATALE FIGUREHEAD regards the stranger with the utmost enthusiasm. the stranger nods in affirmation, gazing at the professor intensely behind possibly the most striking pair of sunglass lenses ever designed.

> I am Professor Cedar and I am interested in Pokemon physiology and the ways in which their extraordinary abilities have evolved over time.

the Cedar woman smiles as she talks, nary a judgmental glance betraying her warm and earnest demeanor. without a doubt, this dame has seen it all. truly an impressive presence.

Cedar hands the young man a registration form. there is absolutely no time to waste. ADVENTURE rears its beautiful head and belts its most compelling siren song.

> Enter name.

Your name is PRETENTIOUS UPSTART and you have-

no. no you are sure that is not your name.
the upstandish devil who comes up with these ideas is a malign one indeed.

> Try again.

Your name is STEAK and you have a variety of interests, none of which include explaining the name STEAK. Regardless, the narrative finds it prudent to inform the audience that it is a PSEUDONYM. It is NOT YOUR REAL NAME. You urge everybody to take this chance to CALM DOWN.
Your penchant for ADVENTURE is INSATIABLE. No three walls can contain you, and neither, usually, can the FOURTH. You have a strong desire to BE THE VERY BEST. And although your UNNERVINGLY QUIET and COOL nature suggests otherwise, being the VERY BEST does not, to you, mean that you must conquer each peasant who stands in your way in order to be "Number One" in some arbitrary measurement of dumb luck. You seek to be the VERY BEST you that you can be.
You have an unrivaled PASSION for FASHION. If you do not look your best, then what are you looking? Absolutely unacceptable.

the adventure penchant is dying for attention. it is time to continue.


you think long and hard about this. your first companion should be as cool a cat as you are. it should have a quiet but imposing aura. "I am going mess with this rad dude today" should be a thought that never crosses the mind of any potential rival.

you have decided. there is only one reasonable response.

Evolves @ 2456

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