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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

Well the attacks really dont play a factor in this game. The battling itself comes down to point value not moves. Things that effect it or Evolution stage and Typing. So you can call out any move you want since it wont change the point value.
Alright, sounds fair enough. So we can have our Pokemon know more than just four moves, correct?

you have 6 pokemon like in the game. We had an open system before but it got out of hand.
I can completely understand that. Besides it's reasonable to keep it at just six. I could only imagine how out of hand it could get.

your pokemon can stay unevolved forever, but there points values are going to really hurt you in battles.
But couldn't we level them up a bit, like we could once they're fully evolved? Or would they keep their base points/level?
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