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Default VPP Battling

recently i have been thinking of a possible way to Battle VPP, and I may be onto something.

The key to making it work is this. This is a damage calculator.
for it to work you need:
  • Pokemon
  • Level
  • Type
  • Stats
  • Stat Modifiers
  • Attack
  • Weather

The First 3 are easy to input

When I was researching this, I cause 5 pokemon to level up 10 levels each, and recorded how much the stats increased with each level. The average amount was 7. So the way this will work is that each time your pokemon levels up you can distribute another 7 points between HP, Attack, Sp Attack, Defence, Sp Defence and Speed. Your Pokemon's base stat can be found on Bulbapedia.

For example My current VPP are a pair of Eevee.
its base stats upon hatching at level 5 are:
  • HP: 55
  • Attack: 55
  • Defence: 50
  • Sp Attack: 45
  • Sp Defence: 65
  • Speed: 55

When it levels up to level 6 from posting I can add 7 points in total to these stats:
  • HP: 55+2=57
  • Attack: 55+2=57
  • Defence: 50+0=50
  • Sp Attack: 45+3=48
  • Sp Defence: 65+0=65
  • Speed: 55+1=56

This will happen with each level up, adding to the current total. Upon Evolution, any current stats below the next forms base stats will jump. Eg
When one of my Eevee evolves into Umbreon, its new base stats will be :
  • HP: 95
  • Attack: 65
  • Defence: 110
  • Sp Attack: 60
  • Sp Defence: 130
  • Speed: 65

Any of Eevees stats prior to evolution that are below this base will jump to the base. Any that already pass this base will remain unchanged.

Stat Modifiers
At the beginning of a battle, both Pokemon will have their Attack/Sp Attack and Def/Sp Def and Speed at its regular level.

For Attack/Sp Attack and Defense/Sp Defense:
These stats start at stage 0, which is their regular stat. When my Eevee uses growl on an opponent, its attack is dropped down a stage to -1. This is inputted into the calculator that I linked at the beginning. If the opponent were to use Leer against me, then Eevee's defence is at -1. These are the values put in the calculator.

For Speed: If My Eevee were in a fight, and the oponent used agility, then they would add 10 to their speed stat. Any move that raises speed will add 10 to the speed for the duration of the battle, unless the oponent is switched out. Any Moves that lowers speed will deduct 10 from the speed stat for the duration of the battle, unless the opponent is switched out.

The Attack used can be inputted into the calculator. Attacks are catergorised into 3 catergories.
Special: These attacks require the Sp Attack of the User and the Sp Def of the receiver to be inputted into the calculator
Regular: These attacks require the Attack of the user and defense of the receiver into the calculator.
Stat Modifiers: These moves Modify the user or the opponents stats for the duration of the battle or until they are subbed out. Refer to Stat Section for more details.

In the games, attacks like Quick Attack always attack first. Since it would be harder to emulate this over a thread or a PM, the following will happen:

If my Eevee had the lower speed out of the 2 pokemon in the battle, and used quick attack, he would still have his turn second, since my oponent doesn't know that Eevee will be doing this, and will go first.

Eevee will attack second, but NEXT TURN will attack first.

If I can find a way to emulate this better, I will use it, but the whole battling thing is in early stages and is missing some elements.

So as an example Eevee has 70 Speed Vs Pikachu with 80 Speed

The order will be:
Eevee (uses quick attack or other move that always hits first)

Eevee (Attacks first this turn due to quick attack last turn)

Hopefully that made sense.

Status of the weather can be inputted into the calculator. If a move like Sunny Day or Rain Dance is used, this lasts for 5 turns. after the 5th turn, it does not have any effect.

The actual battle
The Battle begins with both trainers showing the 6 or less of their VPPs that they will be using.


Level 34
Quick Attack
Attack: 55
Defense: 50
Sp Attack: 45
Sp Defense: 65
Speed: 55


Level 40
Quick Attack
HP: 35
Attack: 50
Defense: 30
Sp Attack: 50
Sp Defense: 40
Speed: 90

From this, players determine who will go first.

This is all in very early planning, so far I am yet to find out a way to include:
  • Items
  • Evasivness/Accuracy
  • Hail/Sandstorm
  • Major Status' (Burn, Poison, Frozen etc)
  • Minor Status' (Confusion, Love etc)
  • Moves that give user HP (Recover, Absorb, Leech Life)
  • Abilities

How would people feel about something like this. I came up with all of this, because the VPP I have completed are nothing more than trophies at the moment.

Would people get behind this idea if I were to continue working on the system?

Post any questions here, and i will do my best to answer them :)

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