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Default Re: Legion of Dredd (Welcoming Battlers and Traders!) Free Pokemon to new members !

Originally Posted by Master Aqua View Post
i rarely use poke sav and legitness is pointless when you save time with something that is legal. I am going to stay on pe2k and smogon to continue to offer my hacking services to those in need of it, tbh i dislike how many people ask me to do it in confidence, they have nothing to be ashamed of, people have busy lives and i offer them a quick and easy solution to their problems. Most these days want my skills for that wi fi thing, breaching nintendo hack checks are easy as i can change the pidi using the games mechanics to taint the game and not the mon creating what is infact a legit hack as it's impossible to prove it's hacked.

my comment to EBM had nothing to do with you are or poksav why do you feel like you need to defend pokesav when no one is even bad mouthing it?

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