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Default Re: Legion of Dredd (Welcoming Battlers and Traders!) Free Pokemon to new members !

Originally Posted by Master Aqua View Post
What are you getting at, tbh i hate how you always seem to think I sav everything which in truth is far from it and it really anoys me to no end that i just want to curse at the heavens to you.

Making pokemon that are not hacks takes a vast amount of time, time most people don't have and because of it, hacking is a much superior method of obtaining pokemon due to how rapid it is, poor elite would struggle to make one flawless pokemon in the time i could make thousands. You want more people to join this section yes? RNging pokemon for them is not the answer it's too slow, I have and can arm an arm an army of competive battling to the teeth with teams of pokemon, my skills in hacking will make sure everyone can wi fi with out fear of imperfection.

This forum dose not need RNGing it needs efficiency and thats exactly what the modfier codes i co created offer, efficiency at it's most beautiful purity.

RNG is nice for gift pokemon but if you really want to give people pokemon to get into wi fi commutative battling you will need action reply to help, otherwise choose to focus on showdown instead.

I know my calling on pe2k now it's to get people back into battling and supply there teams for battle and I will fight you on your foolishness if you think action reply cannot learn a huge hand into this, I have the backing of the old gods of pe2k behind me, silver, jose all agreed with my philosophy on action reply.
Hahaha you could not be more wrong on your view of RNG. RNG is more than practical for battlers.

Again why do you keep bringing up hacks when no one is talkinga bout hacks. I was asking EBM about helping with RNG breeding

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