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Location: Navi Town
Item(s): Lure Ball x1 (12), Level Ball x1 (12), Heal Ball x1 (12), Old Rod (10)
Link to stats: [Eti Molo's Record Thread]

I walked into the store and see rows upon rows of merchandise. The PokeMart seemed oddly place in a town full of wood houses - the blue building and modern look stood out like a sore thumb.

I saw a selection of different Poke Balls. Curious as to what they did, I picked up three different balls and made my way towards the counter.

"I'll take these, please," I told the clerk, putting the balls on their desk. Whilst they were making the transaction, I noticed a strange box stating: 'Old Rod - Fish for Pokemon today!'

"May I have that too?" I asked, pointing towards the rod's box.

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