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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Dredd looks up broken glass everywhere.
"The real you is in there." Dredd points up. "all you have to remember that is a broken building in a safari zone..The best parts are not even clear yet."

Dredd pulls down a frame here

Moon feels fear surge through her body.

Dredd starts to laugh.

On the outside Max looks at her.
"This wont be just you...I am lending you my power. Its going to be boost yours a lot for a moment. So focus! "

Max closes his eyes and takes a lot deep breath. His shakes as he focuses, Spin right next him trying to influence Moon.

Inside her mind.

Moon feels weak.
"That creature is in here too...hahaha" Dredd stops laughing.
"well it looks like our time is up. Tell Max I will see him soon."

Moon is overtaken with the thoughts of power and joy. The stronger she feels the brighter her mind gets. Until the door appears and she dives through.

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