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Default Re: Route 3

Trainer: Eti Molo
Currently: Battling Nincada.

Just before I could drift off, I heard strange rustling from outside my tent. Curious, I went to go inspect. A wild Nincada was just outside my tent, playing with the strings and pegs attaching the shelter to the ground.

"Hey, do you mind not playing with th-AH!"

The Nincada jumped up at me and bared vampire-like fangs at me, forcing me to dodge the assault quickly. Etitymin, hearing the commotion outside, exited the tent to inspect.

"Quick, Etitymin," I tell it, still trying to evade the Nincada that was chasing me. "Distract it!"

Etitymin leapt forward at blistering speeds, crashing into the Nincada. The Quick Attack certainly did stop the Nincada from harassing me, but it turned on my Rattata instead. It viciously raked Etitymin's face with claws.

"Let's end this quickly before it gets dangerous!" I yelled at Etitymin, pulling a ball from my bag. "Last Resort!"

Stars shot out of Etitymin's body and began to circle her. She then ran at the Nincada with all of the power and strength in her body, colliding straight with the Nincada's body. This sent the cicada-like Pokemon flying through the air, and whilst it was doing so I threw my Heal Ball.
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