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Default Re: General Chat, Help & Questions

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Okay, so all Celestia Pokemon are available to catch in BW--except for those you trade for or buy, gotcha. How does that work with the Pokemon's level? It can be whatever you find it as?
Yes, but it is highly recommended you either have it at lv24 or lv25. Lv24 is for those who evolve at earlier levels/happiness/a certain item attached (Bulbasaur/Pichu/Sneasel for example) and lv25 is for those who either evolve with stones (Growlithe for example) or evolve at later levels.

The first two Gym Leaders have their Pokemon's levels set at lv25. That's why it's highly recommended that you make yours at either lv24 or lv25.
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