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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Gotcha! ^^ Oh, this is so exciting!!! :3
It was made to be exciting. :3 Almost everyone from the old league is back and this time around, it's way more interesting. When I heard the league was going to be back, I said "SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" And then I jumped for joy and did my happy dance. xD

Originally Posted by Steak View Post
I'm not sure you've got it so I'll clarify - if you buy a Pokemon in one of Celestia's Poke Marts, or trade with an NPC in some way, you are allowed to obtain it in your BW game. The only Pokemon you get in Celestia that you should have to trade for are ones that involve a WiFi event or if you trade Pokemon in your stats with another WFL Player.
Or she could find a way to get it in her game herself...? If it's a Unova Pokemon, then yeah that's easy to find.
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