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Originally Posted by mintjelly View Post
Location: Navi Town
Item(s): Old Rod (10 stars)
61 -10 = 51
Link to stats:

Navi Town PokeMart Clerk

"AHOY LASSIE!" The night shift clerk looks at you knowingly after he places the box on the counter.

"Takin' up fishin', aye? We been havin' new trainers such as yerself comin' in every day fer about a week! Truth be told, we're almost out of Rods! We've got a mighty large shipment comin' in tomorrow, though, so I reckon we'll fare alright," he rambles on as he calculates your purchase.

"Fishin' be a worthwhile sport, don't let any a body be tellin' ye otherwise. Many underestimate what be lurkin' in these here waters!" With a wink he sends ye you on your way.

Wow, can't you just make a purchase without the lecture?

Minty received an Old Rod! Make sure you deduct the stars from your total and add your purchase to your stats!
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