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Default Kyle Cheri's Trainer Record

Kyle Cheri's Trainer Record

BW in-game name: Kyle
Friend Code: 0948 2759 8881
Starter Pokemon: Togepi
Current Location: Route 2
Number of stars: 0
Stars spent: 0




Poke Balls (x4)

Evolution Items:

Prism Scale (x1)

Key Items:

PokeGear v3.0
Egg Voucher



Name: Togepi (Toby)
Gender: Male
Obtained: Starter (Poke Ball)
Date: 10-2-12
Level: 25
Battles: 0

Name: Pidgey (Aerial)
Gender: Female
Obtained: Caught in Route 1 (Poke Ball)
Date: 10-5-12
Level: 25
Battles: 0
VPP WFL Trainer Record

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