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Default Re: [GAME] Three Word Story

I looked at a horse and sighed. How long would she stand around eating hay? I figured that it would be faster to just steal her food. It went against my ways, but I still managed to ignore my conscience. The hay rustled about in the stable as the horse ate like a pig.

"Give me your babies so I can nourish myself." The horse's head was on fire as I reached for the rake.

She saw me. She almost wanted to lash out, but I smiled and tossed her a sizable pineapple. The pineapple hit the horse's lower leg above the grotesque demon claw. The horse froze in shock. I quickly ran toward the great beast. My heart was pounding furiously throughout the epic battle - which really wasn't that unusual from the perspective of a rusty battleaxe. The dwarven army charged toward me while riding their thunder lizard steeds.

"Can we please focus on killing the horse first, you bearded cretins?" I asked.

"My people seek glory," the stout leader denied all the allegations of mine.

"Then claim it," I yelled! Then, out of nowhere, pie. Pie everywhere.

My heart stopped, I turned, horrified by the sight. I was pastrophobic.

The horse had begun to cackle, eyes glinting crimson. "FOOLISH WARRIORS! YOU SHALL ALL PERISH UNDERNEATH MY HOOVES!" With a fierce bellow it reared itself. It stomped on the Dwarves' house that was littered with pies.

The enraged dwarves had had enough. They were tired from all the destruction of their precious stones and hated their gigantic enemy, so they took out their massive metallic boxes filled with absolute and raw kangaroos that wielded tomatoes. With a mighty roar the dwarves hurled the kangaroos over a rainbow into a microwave that then exploded.

Nyan Cat appeared. Just when all a jelly beam

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