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Default Re: Route 3

Originally Posted by dj-tiny View Post
Trainer: dj-tiny
Currently: entering route 3 from Navi Town
Well this is Route 3 Eveevee.
Hopefuly we can find more pokemon and catch up with Etl here since he got a head cause i fell asleep and was out for to long anyway i beter let Pidg out to fly about
Tiny let's Pidg out of his pokeball to fly about Route 3
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Pidg accidentally gets caught on a tree branch!

"Pidgey, pid!"

You're not sure how you can help your Pokemon so you just kind of watch.


After much struggling, Pidg has worked its way out but also knocked something else free from the tree, which conveniently fell onto your head.

dj-tiny found a Net Ball!
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