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Default Re: Route 3

Trainer: Eti Molo
Currently: Picking up the TM and talking to Minty and dj-tiny.

I pick up the black disk with curiosity. Emblazoned on one side there was writing. 'TM66 Payback'. I got out my PokeGear and looked up which of my Pokemon could learn the move. Monster, my Finneon, was the only one listed. I shrugged. "At least one of you can make use of this." I opened up my TM case and placed the TM inside before stowing it in my bag.

"Hey, Eti, I just caught a Nincada!" Minty called over to me excitedly.

"Awesome, good job!" I smiled at her. Now we had the same Pokemon. "I just found a TM. There's some more down there."

I pointed to the place where I had found the TM.

"Have you guys entered the turn in Navi Town?" dj-tiny asked after catching up with us.

"I sure have. How about you guys?" I asked in return.

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