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Originally Posted by Steak View Post
Official's Post

Are you sure you picked it all up?

Sarah obtained 5 stars!
Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Finding MORE stars and training

"Hey I think there's more over there!" Sarah pointed to a small tree by the side of the path. Aster ran over obediently and returned with 5 more stars. "Thanks Aster!" Sarah patted the Pokemon on the head.

"I think we should practice some moves. Are you ready buddy?" Sarah asked.

"Saur, saur!" Aster replied determinedly, his normal smile changing into a determined frown.

"Let's try a Vine Whip on that tree!"

Vines shot out of Aster's side and began to pummel the tree trunk, leaving gashes in the tough wood.

"That's great, Aster!" Sarah encouraged. "Now, Growl!"

"Bulba saur!" A deep, rumbling growl was emitted from Aster's throat. It was hard to tell if the attack worked, but it sounded convincing enough.

"Looks like you've got that one down," Sarah laughed.

Sarah claimed 5 stars.
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