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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Koga looks at Karen
"Now Im going to give you a tip. Do not enter Fushia again without calling in advance."

Koga walks passed, forcing Jace to unlock him.

Max sits there staring at Jace.
"My pokemon.."

Koga nudges him.
"All of them."

Max looks at Moon as they help him out.
"Nothing I wont heal from."

As Max steps down Moon helps him walk. He looks over to Karen.
"This isnt over. Now go make yourself useful and fix your infected company." Karen growls as she turns around.

"Oh, and prepare yourself for one day I am going to come for you and Jace and on that day your shock troopers arent going to be enough." Max lets out words that feel like they're stained with poison. Koga walks over.
"What did I tell you Max! Lets get him to the pokemon center."

Scar, Gold and Markus stand there and watch the Silph Co goons drive away. As they stood there. A charmander came running up. Scar kneeled down.
"I think I can figure out what he is saying because I rasied something wrong?" He looks into the charmanders eyes.
"char, Char, charmander !"

Scar gets up his face is a little red
"Nope, it turns out I cant."
The charmander jumps up and down and takes off running. Scar follows it. Gold and Markus headed towards the Pokemon Center.

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