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You step onto Route 2, fresh from your recent capture of that crazy red-eyed Sunkern. Unfortunetly, you don't get far. A strong gust of wind whips across the route from the north and something small, pink and leafy slams into your chest. What's with these Pokemon and hitting you, anyway? You're always in the way!

Wild Hoppip appeared! Write a paragraph to catch it!
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An EXCEEDINGLY WILD HOPPIP flies right into your torso, knocking you off balance. How rude! You know exactly how to approach this battle.

"ok Lemongrab, let's see what you can do!"

You throw out a Poke Ball to reveal an ANGRY SUNKERN. What is it he is angry at, the world may never know.

> Lemongrab, use Mega Drain!

Sunkern ANGRILY drains the life from the floating creature, to which the floating creature responds with a Mega Drain of its own!

The two keep going back and forth. It is all according to your master plan.

After Lemongrab finishes his attack, you hurl a Poke Ball at the Hoppip before it can siphon your Sunkern, and Hoppip sinks into the Poke Ball's depths. You prepare to welcome yet another life-drainer into your group...
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