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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Walking

"I think that's enough training for now, Aster." Sarah said. "I think we both need a break. Let's stop for lunch by the side of the path."

Sarah and Aster moved to the side of the path and sat down in a grassy patch. "Lunch time, Sunkern!" Sarah smiled as the Pokemon appeared with a cry. She handed her Pokemon a few berries each to munch on and unwrapped a sandwich for herself.

"I think I finally have it. Your nickname will be Perennial, Reni for short!" Sarah said to Sunkern.

The Sunkern now known as Reni bounced up and down to indicate her approval and together they all ate lunch!
Official's Post

So, you nickname your Sunkern 'Perennial'. It means eternal, or forever lasting, doesn't it? Perhaps to resemble your eternal friendship, or the everlasting memories you are bound to make on this adventure?

That is beautiful. And such beauty can only be rewarded by more beauty.

As you settle down for lunch, you feel a slight nudge against your legs. You look down only to see a small Roggenrola pestering you. Apparently it smelt the food and wants to be fed.

But with what nose did it smell? And with what mouth will it eat?

Do I look like the freakin' Pokemon Professor? I'm just here to narrate your adventure. You have a PokeGear for a reason, y'know.

A wild Roggenrola appeared!
Kinda hungry.
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