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Default Re: Official PE2K Egg Center

Redeeming Points

The following list is what you can redeem your points for, and how many points each redemption costs.

Items (5 Points)
Cloning Service (2 Points)
Breeding Service [depends on the job] (15-20 Points)
Normal pokemon nothing special (5 Points)
Shiny Pokemon (8 Points)
Event Pokemon (8 Points)
Pokemon female with egg move (10 Points)
Pokemon Female with Dream world ability (10 Points)
Pokemon bred with a couple of Ivs (12 Points)
Pokemon bred with good Ivs with Dream world or Egg move (15 Points)
Perfect Iv bred Pokemon (15 Points)
Perfect Iv bred Pokemon With Egg move (18 points)
Perfect Iv bred Pokemon with Dreamworld ability (18 points)
Perfect Iv bred Pokemon With everything (20 Points)
Iv bred and Ev trained pokemon (18 Points)

Special Pokemon/Item of the Week

Every week, one Pokemon and one item will be available at a lower price than normal.
This week's Pokemon and item are...


Skarmory and Leftovers!
Leftovers will be available for the low price of only 2 points, and Skarmory will be available from any category for half the price! (For Odd numbered points, round down)
If you are interested in redeeming your points for a Skarmory with a Smogon move set to use in competitive battling, let us know, and you'll get the leftovers for free!

Previous Special Pokemon/Items


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