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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
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The tired out Hoothoot is sucked into the Pokeball, which rocks gently on the ground.

Aww, it appeared to be caught!

Hoothoot broke free of the ball, its red eyes blazing angrily! It shoots a Psybeam at Ishiyama, eager to continue the battle!

Write a paragraph to catch Hoothoot!
Trainer: Minako
Currently: Trying to catch Hoothoot.

"You are a very stubborn Hoothoot. Ishiyama, come back!" Minako said as Ishiyama hopped out of battle. "Go, Ama-chan!" Ama-chan jumps into battle.

"Use Mega Drain to weaken it a little more." Ama-chan sucked some life out of Hoothoot, and as Minako suspected, it did little damage due to type effectiveness. It did, however, do enough to weaken Hoothoot more.

"This is my last Pokeball so here goes..." Minako tossed the Pokeball at Hoothoot, hit its head, and Hoothoot got sucked into the Pokeball once more. The ball shook once, twice, 3 times and...
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