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Default Re: Mara Region [Fakedex and other stuff]

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
You're so creative to come up with all these. I don't think I could even come up with one decent new Pokemon! xD I agree with Grassy that some pre-evos/evos look a little too similar. Like Impaleap and Iboundex look very similar to me.

Velocunami and Floradise are my favourites! Their designs are amazing :O I like your new pokeball types too! And extra points for the koala and tassie tiger inspired Pokemon! :D Hope you keep working on this!
XD it can be hard sometimes. I understand that some of the evo/prevos look similar, I'm working on that.

Floradise is one of my faves too! Thanks so much for the feedback, I actually just completed four more fakemon sketches. ^^
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