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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Scar walked out into the hall to find Gold and Markus hanging out. He looked at the new bandage on Markus.
"You okay ?"

Gold walked outside for a moment. When returned
"We cant stay here for to long. Max or no Max we gotta keep moving forward. We are rushing against time."

Scar's smile goes away
" We can't just leave them!"

Nurse Joy walks up. Its getting late boys if you are going to stay the night please to back and find a room to sleep in before all the beds are filled. Also dinner is going to be stopped be served soon."

Nurse Joy walks down the hall into Spins room.
"Im so sorry for the late annoucment but we are going to stop serving dinner soon, would you like something?"

Max holds his head, trying to get the pain to stop.
"Can you check on Spin for m..." He sees her hand and reaches out for it. He grips on to tight as the next wave of pain hits. He looks at her, realizing that he just could have hurt her. He slowly lets go.

"can you make sure she is alright.."

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