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Default Re: Crystal's Short Stories

Jarl's Story
Setting: undecided
Rating: G
Ever since he was a young pup Jarl never knew his mother or siblings. His earliest memories were of a fancy living space. Also being hit, and hit hard. Just acting as a normal pup got him hit, the hardest being when he was barking. The worst was then he was playing a little rough with the child. It was all in good fun, and the young Snubbull was careful not to hurt the kid. But the masters heard the playful growl and misinterpreted it. The masters didn’t care about the aftermath of their punishment. They left him in the corner, whimpering and curled into himself. It was one of the butlers that treated to his wounds and brought him back to health. When he was fully recovered the masters had gotten another playmate for their child, not that it mattered to Jarl. He found a friend in the butler, thus he stayed by his side. It was the butler that began to teach him, and he was a fast study.

The Snubbull paid close attention to how the butler acted and spoke. He soon began to mimic it, bowing to the masters when in their presence and calling them lord and lady, as well as other high titles, even if the humans could not understand his words. The normal-type had no idea of the outside world beyond the estate or how “old-fashioned” this lifestyle was. It was the only life he knew, and that was enough for him.

However, some things must come to an end. The butler became rather ill, and no matter what Jarl did he did not get better. With his passing the Snubbull no longer had protection from the masters. The butler had been his shield, taking responsibility for anything Jarl had accidently broken. And now with no one to protect him the masters did something they have wanted to do for a long time. They kicked Jarl out to fend for himself in the wilderness. Having lived a rather cushioned life the Snubbull learned a lot of lessons the hard way. For a long time he tried to find a new trainer, but it seemed that everyone who traveled through this area were only looking for females of his species, not males. After some time he simply gave up, losing the last of his hope.

That is until a young woman came around. He saw her enter his area and looked a little confused. This human female looked confused, trying to figure a direction of travel with a Totodile on her shoulder. He hesitated for a moment before he approached them. Unlike other humans she didn’t just turn away or send out one of her Pokémon to battle him. Instead she met him with a friendly smile, coming down to his level and offering her hand to him. Her palm was up and she said encouraging words, promising she wasn’t going to hurt him. The Snubbull crossed the remaining distance between them and sniffed her hand before licking her palm, already trusting her. When he spoke he was pleasantly surprised to find out she could understand what he said. She sat down next to the puppy Pokémon and they just talked, and when asked to join her team he didn’t hesitate to say yes. Something told him that his young lady would treat him right, and his instincts were correct.

Over time with training with this trainer he became stronger and evolved into a powerful Granbull. That was the only thing that had changed about him. He continued to keep the mannerisms he learned from the butler, even calling his new trainer lady and other titles. She told him he didn’t have to, that he could call her by her name, but he could not break the habit. Even traveling far and wide with this trainer he remained a gentleman, breaking the stereotype of his species. The only time he got violent was when his trainer or teammates were in danger, and even so he could easily be calmed down and return to his gentle state.

Jarl the Granbull would never know what would have happened if his life had been different, if one thing had changed in his life. At first he wished he could have changed something so he didn’t get kicked out of that estate and remain with the masters. But now, looking over at his new trainer, he would not change a thing. If things had been different he never would have met her. Now he is returning the favor, aiding her in any possible way he can while she recovered from a recent accident. He was her living crutch, making sure she got where she needed with as much ease as he could give. He made sure she didn’t have to overcome something if he could prevent it, it be finding an easier route to take or opening a door for her before walking her through a doorway. No, he wouldn’t change anything now. If he didn’t go through what he did he would not be who he was today, the gentleman bulldog Pokémon, and he wouldn’t have the amazing family he has now.
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