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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

Jaye's Silverlit Stats!


Points on hand: 57
Points spent: 114
Captures (-63)
(5 Hoothoot capture)
(6 Weedle capture)
(6 Ledyba capture)
(17 Ghastly snag)
(20 Unown L)
(9 for Mareep capture/snag)

Evolutions: (-38)
(20 for Hoothoot-Noctowl)
(18 for Ledyba-Ledian)

Leveling Up: (N/A)

Other: (-13)
(6 for running from Noctowl (abandoned warehouse in Cherrygrove))
(5 for Charmander hatch (Route 32 Pokémon Centre))

Points in total: 175 (168 in Silver) (7 points in Gold)


Chiko (name not specified) the Chikorita (F)
Points: 5

Hoot (name not specified) the Noctowl (M)
Points: 20

Ledy (name not specified) the Ledian (F)
Points: 18

L (name not specified) the Unown L (*)
Points: 20

Reep (name not specified) the Mareep (F)
Points: 9

Char (name not specified) the Charmander (M)
Points: 5

Temp. Pokémon:

Lost Pokémon:
Weedle (M)
Points: 6
(Stolen at the Ruins)
Pokémon caught:
Weedle the Weedle
Hoot the Hoothoot
Ledy the Ledyba
??? the ??? (Sprout Tower)
Ghast the Ghastly (Sprout Tower)
L the Unown L (Ruins)
Reep the Mareep (Route 32)
Boxed Pokémon:
??? the ??? (?)
Points: ?

Ghast the Ghastly (M)
Points: 17
Pokémon fully evolved:

Event log:
Joined Chrome team
Stole Chiko and Pokémon Egg
Caught Hoot
Battled wild Sentret (+2 Points)
Caught Weedle
Ran from Noctowl
Caught Ledy
Hoot evolved
Ledy evolved
Caught strange ghost
Snagged Ghast
Encountered Ho-oh
Encountered Silver
Got the Feather Badge
Discovered Moon's grave...
Lost Weedle to Dredd in the Ruins
Caught/snagged Reep on Route 32
Hatched Char on Route 32 (Pokémon Centre)

Zephyr Badge

Special items:
(unused, worth 5 points)

{Activity will likely be off} {Paired with Sam }

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