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Default Re: Wi-Fi League Registrations! Sign up here!

“Hello, are you a new trainer?”

"Very, smart!" I shout as i run a comb up my wild hair.

She sits down at a nearby desk and pulls out a league registration form.
“Now, I suppose you are here for your starter Pokemon.You may choose 1 Pokemon to take on your journey. Now choose your partner wisely!”

I take the form and fill it out.
Name: Bando
Pokemon: Sneasel

"Hahaha! Now bring out my partner, no doubt he's a smart one." I hand over the form over to the miss in the lab coat.

She reviews my form and with a kind smile she informs me of an error i made. "I'm sorry but Sneasel isn't available as a starter pokemon."

"Uckk." I turn red from embarrassment, i take back the form and rewrite my choice of pokemon.

"Hahaha ofcourse ofcourse you are indeed very smart here is my true partner." I resubmit my form.

Name: Bando
Pokemon: Snorunt

"I choose Snorunt, it's the smart choice, Hahaha!"

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