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Default Re: Andromeda Town

Trainer: Bando
Party: Snorunt
Currently: Heading to Route One

"Hahaha! Its the start of our journey Snorunt, so many adventurers to be had, pokemom and trainers to befriend. Lets start it the smart way and head for route 1."

*Leaving Adromeda Town to Route 1*

10 minutes later.

"Agggh, how do we leave this town its like a maze this isnt very smart. Where is the exit." Snorunt follows behind its dimwitted trainer fully knowing where the exit to leave the town is, its just in awe at how simple Bando got lost in this small town.

Trainer: Bando
Party: Snorunt
Currently: Still in Adromeda

"Finally our journey begins. Hahaha!" By retracing our steps we made our way out of town and started to make our way towards route 1

*Leaving Adromeda Town to Route 1*

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