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Default Re: Wi-Fi League Registrations! Sign up here!

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
A curious feeling overwhelmed Zayna as she stepped into the lab. A ghost of a memory, perhaps, haunting her from the past she could not remember. Had she been here before? Had she felt this excitement, this anticipation that squirmed before the start of a new adventure? Not here, in Celestia, but maybe she had been elsewhere in the world. Part of her knew what to expect—though how, she couldn’t understand. She strode across the room confidently, holding her head high.

A line of new Trainers had already been through the lab, but now, it was finally Zayna’s turn. As others before her, she picked up a piece of paper and filled out the registration forms, writing her name in crude cursive.

The young woman hesitated as she moved to the Starter Request section. For some reason, she hadn’t given much thought to what her first Pokémon should be. It was silly, of course, but she had been more concerned about getting her Trainer license than anything else. She stole an upward glance at the Trainers leaving the lab, wondering what they had been taking. By far, a fiery little lizard seemed to be the most popular… What was it called? Zayna wracked her already fragile memory, trying to recall the name of the Pokémon.

Someone was calling for her, and Zayna realized she was out of time. On a whim, she wrote down what she thought was the name of the critter and quickly stepped up to the Professor. She hoped the woman wouldn’t mind that she had left off her last name. Honestly, though, Zayna couldn’t recall her last name.

Grinning confidently, Zayna greeted, “Morning, Professor,” and handed the papers over.

Name: Zayna
Starter Pokemon: Chariliz Charmander

Professor Cedar

"Why hello. Quiet aren't we?" Professor Cedar walks over to her PC, types a few things, and a Pokeball drops down from the slot by her desk.

"Here you go! Treat it with love, okay?"

Zayna received Charmander, PokeGear v3.0, 5 PokeBalls and an Egg voucher. Go ahead and make your trainer record in here.
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