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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

Pokemon using: Totodile
Pokemon trying to catch: Sentret
Point Number: 19 including this post
Point requirement: 5
Link to stats: *clickie*

Seeing that there were two now, Spin saw no problem in trying to catch one. She looked at Ren, seeing a determined look in her eyes. The smiled before the trainer nodded, the water-type jumping off her shoulder after she did so. They were only going to battle one to try to get it. She just hoped that the other one wouldn't attack as well.

"Ren, let's start off with Water Gun!"

The Totodile didn't hesitate to part it's jaws and shoot out a stream of water. It caught the Sentret off guard, but it quickly recovered. It ran forward and Tackled Ren. The water-type shook it off and stared down the normal-type.


The crocodile ran forward and ran her claws at the rodent, knocking it back and into a tree. It seemed like the other one was too shocked to act and defend its friend. Spinel smiled. She had a hand in one of her bag pockets before the battle started and found a few Pokeballs. Knowing her mother put them in there, she made a mental note to thank her later. The young trainer then removed one from the bag and tossed it. It shouldn't take that much to catch this type of Pokemon, so she didn't see any reason to continue the battle beyond that point. The Sentret was hit by the ball and sucked into it, the sphere landing on the ground. It then started to shake, the Pokemon inside trying to get out with its remaining strength...
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