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Originally Posted by Kaoru View Post
Trainer: Minako
Currently: Battling wild Bellsprout

"A Bellsprout? Too easy. Sora, this one's yours." Minako said as the Bellsprout continued to look confused. Sora jumped in front of it, staring her opponent in the eyes.

"Sora, use Air Slash!" Sora jumped up and hit Bellsprout with its Air Slash. The Bellsprout failed to move. It took the hit and fell backwards.

"Another Air Slash!" Once again, Sora took aim and hit Bellsprout. It never got back up. It never moved.

The wild Bellsprout fainted!

"Alright, Sora! You defeated your first Pokemon!" Sora jumped up and down with glee.
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You defeat the poor, curious Bellsprout and it flees into the forest. It sure learnt its lesson! Sora spots something shiny in the distance. She flies ahead and then motions you over. A Lure Ball is sitting in the middle of the path. Guess it's your lucky day!

Minako found a Lure Ball!

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