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Default Re: Lugia and Ho-oh Genders

The way I have pictured it is:

Articuno: Female
Zapdos: Male
Moltres: Male
Mew: Male
Mewtwo: Male
Entei: Male
Raikou: male
Suicune: Male
Lugia: Male
Ho Oh: Male
Celebi: Female
Regis: Genderless
Groudon: Male
Kyogre: Female
Rayquaza: Male
Latios: male
Latias: femal
Jirachi: Female
Deoxys: Genderless
Azelf, Uxie, Mespirit: Female
Dialga :Male
Palkia: Male
Giratina: male
Darkrai: Male
Cresselia: Female
Mana[hy: Female
Phione: Female
Heatran: Male
Shaymin: Female
Regigigas: Genderless
Arceus: genderless

This is my opinion. this may or may not be true

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