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Default Re: Summer Writing Competition 2012.

I'm pleased to say that we have sufficient votes! I know I took quite a while to post these final results, but I'm sort of sick at the moment.

Before I announce our winners, I'd like to thank everyone who wrote a story for the SWC, and the people who voted throughout the different rounds. Thanks to Scourge for allowing me to host this year -- it's been a pleasure. At the start, I thought it was going to be nothing short of a disaster, but then the stories and participants began to roll in towards the end of the submission dates, which showed me a lot of promise.

You guys made SWC 2012 something fantastic, and there've been some close moments (like Nitro losing out to EmBreon by a point ;p). No matter where you've placed in this competition, you're still a winner, and there will always be more opportunities in the future to improve and show off your skills in writing.

Right now, however, it's time for the results.

In third place is SLCalamity! His story, Valiant, gained him 6 points -- an amount befitting for a dork of his stature. Congratulations, SLC! You can post here to collect a Hard-rank Pokémon and 5,000. By the way, I noticed something in the OP... I said that third place will get [prize] for their 'valiant' effort. SORRY, GUYS, I MUST HAVE RIGGED IT.

In second place is Luciole! His story, named The Frost Games, was well-written and saw him boosted into the final round, to the surprise of many of the older members. He gained 14 points. :> I'm glad we have a representative of PWN in the competition and, indeed, on the podium! Good job, Luciole! You can take a Complex-rank Pokémon of your choice and 8,000. *pats on the back heartily*

And our winner is EmBreon, with a whopping 17 points! Her tale of Agent X was coined by many as the winner, even before the competition began. It seems that their claims were not unfounded, as she is standing on the top spot. Splendiferously marvellous work, EmBreon! You can post here to select a Legendary Pokémon (!) to keep for a year from this post, so long as it's not already taken, and you also get 10,000. Nifty!

A special hand goes to our voters for this round:
Princess Crow
Jack of Clovers

All of these except for Princess Crow, Joltik and Jack of Clovers can collect 3k. These three people get a more special prize instead. All three of them have voted steadfastly in every round since the beginning, and I'm going to recognise that by allowing them to claim 6k instead.

And now, at the beginning of October, our Summer Writing Competition has finally drawn to a close. Thank you all once again.

Keep aiming to be the top Pokéathlete! That is...


What do you mean, 'it's the wrong line'? Oh, right! Silly me. Nevermind. I'll see all of you guys on the flipside. :>
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