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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"My dad did this to me." Caroline responded to Kiseki weakly as the rest of the group gathered around her. "He knows that I'm a Vampire, that almost all of us are Vampires, and he wanted to fix me. He has it in his mind that he can teach Vampires to repress their Vampire instincts completely with pain. He thinks that Vampires can survive without blood if they truly wanted to."

"That's impossible." Bonnie shook her head.

"Try telling him that." Caroline sighed, then looking to Kiseki, who was steal healing her wounds. "You don't have to heal me. I'll heal on my own, so save your energy." Kiseki looked at her indignantly, thinking that with the Vervain in her system, it would be awhile before she healed, but he listened to her regardless.

"What are we going to do about Bill?" Ashley asked. "He'll just keep hunting us."

"We'll compel him to leave town and never come back." Stefan responded.

"Since he knows about Vampires though then he's most likely on Vervain." Diana pointed out.

"Then we'll keep him in one of the cellars down in the basement for a few days until the Vervain is out of his system." Damon said, then looking back down to Caroline. "If that's okay with you though."

"It's fine." Caroline responded with a nod. "Just promise me you won't hurt him. That no one will hurt him." She looked over to Kiseki then as he finally took his hand away from her cheek, having not moved it even after he had stopped healing her. He knew already that she and probably everyone else around them could sense his anger over what had happened, and they already knew that despite his easy-going personality, he could be as bad as Ichiru or Damon if someone hurt anyone he cared about.

"No one will hurt him." Kotomi reassured her just as Kiseki offered a small smile in response despite his suppressed rage toward Bill.

"Both you and Kiseki should get some rest." Isobel said, bringing Kiseki to glance at her as Damon headed for the stairs with Caroline.

"I can walk, Damon." The blonde argued as Kiseki started to follow them, receiving a warning look from Ichiru after the older twin sensed the hidden anger coming from his brother.

"Oh be quiet." Damon chuckled as Caroline sighed, the older Vampire taking her up to the room she and Kiseki shared and carefully laying her down on the bed. Kol appeared in the doorway with a few blood pouches shortly after Kiseki had entered the room himself, and after Caroline thanked him, he left the room.

"Do you need anything?" Elijah appeared in the doorway as Kiseki sat down on the bed beside Caroline, along with Meredith, Kevin and Lexi

"I'm fine, guys. Really." Caroline responded with a smile. Kiseki’s own smile faded when he looked at the burns that he hadn’t gotten to heal. He knew they would most likely be gone by that night, but just the fact that they were there now, and knowing what she had to go through to get them was painful to see and think about.

He wanted to ask her why Bill wanted to ’cure’ her, or even though that he could cure Vampires to begin with, but it seemed too delicate of a subject right now, so he decided to just keep his questions to himself and laid down softly on the bed beside her so that he wouldn’t disturb her.

“I’m so sorry you had to go through all of that…” He told her softly. “I wish I could have been there to help you… I should have paid attention to the bad feeling I had and stayed at the school with you.” He reached over to brush his fingers across her cheek softly, the mixed expression from a few moments ago when he had fist saw Caroline upon arriving at the house returning. “If anything ever happened to you, I don’t know what I would do…”

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